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Reviews of Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41

Testseek.dk har samlet 3 ekspertanmeldelser af Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 og den gennemsnitlige bedømmelse er 76%. Rul ned og se alle anmeldelser for Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41.
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  Udgivet: 2018-05-29, Forfatter: Alistair , anmeldelse af: techradar.com

  • Class-leading design and build quality, Improved display quality, Modular design
  • No heart rate monitor, Case is narrower, but still chunky, Very high price
  • We admire Tag Heuer for going all-in on the smartwatch movement, while most of its Swiss rivals remain on the sidelines. This is now the company's third smartwatch, so clearly the formula is working and enough are being sold to make developing newer model...

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  Udgivet: 2018-05-18, Forfatter: Andy , anmeldelse af: Digitaltrends.com

  • Perfectly sized, Luxury build quality and materials, Strong performance, Excellent screen visibility
  • Expensive, Wear OS still disappoints

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  Udgivet: 2018-03-08, Forfatter: Sophie , anmeldelse af: wareable.com

  • Stunning design, Everything is customisable, Upgraded screen and performance
  • Expensive, Fit can be rigid, Go easy on battery life
  • If you were in the market for a luxury smartwatch and weren't quite won over by the first two Tag Heuer Connected watches, Tag has now taken care of all possible concerns in its own poised, chic game of Whac-A-Mole. Too big? Bam. Too expensive? Bam. Want...

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