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Reviews of Huawei U8185 Ascend Y100

Testseek.dk har samlet 8 ekspertanmeldelser af Huawei U8185 Ascend Y100 og den gennemsnitlige bedømmelse er 55%. Rul ned og se alle anmeldelser for Huawei U8185 Ascend Y100.
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  Udgivet: 2012-06-28, Forfatter: Hannah Bouckley , anmeldelse af: recombu.com

  • Android Gingerbread, 800Mhz processor
  • Tiny screen, Touch controls don't always respond, Poor camera

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  Udgivet: 2012-08-20, Forfatter: Ross Catanzariti , anmeldelse af: goodgearguide.com.au

  • Value for money, Some nice UI touches, Decent battery life
  • Tiny screen, Poor default keyboard, Can be sluggish at times
  • The Huawei Ascend Y100 has a tiny screen, a mediocre camera and average performance. However, it's all about the price in this instance. At under $100, we can't fault the Ascend Y100 too much. If you're patient and can live with a cramped screen, then ...

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  Udgivet: 2012-07-12, anmeldelse af: gadgetguy.com.au

  • Very friendly to the wallet; Surprisingly responsive screen;
  • Tiny screen doesn't fit much text or make it easy to use the on-screen keyboard; Some apps and games can offer weak performance; Terrible camera; Locked to Vodafone;

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  Udgivet: 2012-06-28, anmeldelse af: wired.co.uk

  • Neat looks, lightweight, decent processor,
  • Small screen, camera not great
  • For the price, the Huawei offers a decent set of specs for a budget Android device. The screen's a little too small to be comfortable, the camera's not too exciting, but the processor puts in a decent performance, making it a good low-price introductio...

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  Udgivet: 2012-05-31, anmeldelse af: coolsmartphone.com

  • Abstrakt:  The Huawei Y 100 is a pretty cheap smartphone. It’s only £79.99 and is a diddy little thing which could be the ideal first smartphone for youngsters, pensioners and those that have been scared off smartphones by the price. Specs then, and we start o...

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  Udgivet: 2012-05-23, Forfatter: Andrew Williams , anmeldelse af: trustedreviews.com

  • Affordable, Sensible design, Decent performance
  • Small, low resolution screen, …causing limited games support, Poor camera
  • The Huawei Y 100 is one of the cheapest Android phones around. And thanks to its 800MHz processor, it performs well among its rivals. However, the small, low-res screen has just too many drawbacks to make it seem like a bargain at £80. Typing feels crampe...

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  Udgivet: 2012-07-19, Forfatter: Isabelle Allès , anmeldelse af: parentesis.com

  • A pesar de ser un equipo barato, tiene funciones que se encuentran en celulares de gama alta. Trabaja con Android 2.3, puedes grabar y reproducir video, escuchar canciones o sintonizar la radio; también tiene un GPS, conexión a Internet por WiFi o 3G y po
  • Podría tener un procesador más rápido para correr aplicaciones más complejas
  • Este celular cuenta con Android Gingerbread y es una excelente opción para todos aquellos que están entrando en el mundo de los smartphones....

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  Udgivet: 2012-08-05, Forfatter: Александр Шуб , anmeldelse af: xdrv.ru

  • Abstrakt:  Если судить по громким новостям производителей, может сложиться впечатление, будто все основные «продажи» в среде смартфонов делают флагманские модели. Происходит это лишь потому, что бюджетные модели как правило лишены широкой рекламы и мощного медийного...

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